Ghostlands.eu: Needing out of Darkshore since ’07.

How it all began…

I realise that i talk a LOT about warcraft, more than most i’d wager. I always find it a little bit odd that i developed …

Sep 2017

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Albion Online: Trying something new

At least once a year, i’ll find a game that drags my focus away from Warcraft. Usually it’s an MMO , Sometimes its another Blizzard …

Jul 2017

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Teespring Store

One of the phrases i use most when chatting to my wow friends is… “holy shit someone should put that on a tshirt”. So i …

Aug 2016

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#tbt: Doorway Strat

Between November ’08 (WotLK) and September ’12 (End of Cataclysm) i was a raider… Starting as a beginner in Naxxramas, and honing my craft throughout …

Feb 2016

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#tbt: We Left Skjald on Ghostlands…

Good Morning Dear Reader (all 3 of you)! As you can probably guess from the name/URL of the site, I spend a lot of my …

Nov 2015

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#TBT :: <Lost> vs Al’Akir – Hunter PoV

Today’s #TBT is from the Cataclysm expansion. <Lost> vs Al’Akir Despite the lack of fancy disengages (i used to have so much fun with this …

Jul 2015

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#TBT – BRB vs Mimiron (Hard Mode)

It’s been a while since i did a #tbt post (which is equal parts laziness, and not knowing what day it is most of the …

Jul 2015

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IRC for 2015 :: ghostlandseu.slack.com

This week i’ve been introduced to the world of slack…. http://www.slack.com Its basically IRC crossed with Tumblr crossed with dropbox Its designed primarily as a …

Jun 2015

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IRL: Duck Racing… WTF!

Growing up as a wow player, raider and general pixel addict; I was lead to believe a number of things but mostly that my chosen …

May 2015

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