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Raiding in WoD: The Aftermath of Blizzcon

Blizzcon 2013 is over! Strewn about the floor at the Anaheim Convention Centre are passes, paper cups, furry sweets and the rotting corpses of a …

Nov 2013

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The Things We Say, When We Do Not Think: The Past and Future of Our Class

The Things We Say, When We Do Not Think: The Past and Future of Our Class My name is Paul Lamb. I’m a Hunter. You …

Sep 2013

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Forums now live!

Q: How will things like realm forums, realm first achievements, and other realm specific things work with Connected Realms? A: Frankly, we won’t be doing …

Aug 2013

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Making the Jump: So you want to be a heroic guild?

Welcome to Part 1 of the “Making the Jump“. This is the first in what i hope will be a series of posts, over the …

Apr 2013

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Oondasta… Bringing social back?

This week saw the long awaited launch of the first real content patch (5.2) for WoW: Mists of Pandaria. Included in the new content were …

Mar 2013

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Pre Mists Power Rankings

With Cataclysm over and done with, and MoP less than a week away, i figured it was time to get my predictions in for how …

Sep 2012

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Public Mumble Server

┬áMultiplay Voice Comms Viewer Loading… Need Voice Comms?┬áMultiplay’s Voice Comms Servers! You need Javascript enabled to use Voice Comms Viewer I currently have access to …

Aug 2012

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