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GhostLANds: A Countdown to I52

August 13th, 2014  /  Category: Random  / 

It’s been over a decade since I started attending LAN events. I’ve attended the full spectrum of events from humble beginnings, to UKs biggest gaming festival and everything in between.

With i52 set to break a pretty long drought in my LAN schedule (AND the fact that all 6 of our group attending are former Ghostlands alumni) I thought it might be worth running a series of posts on my prep for the LAN and why i’m looking forward to this one so much (hint: my first time at Ricoh, and far too long since my last iseries).

But for now…. Enjoy the countdown, and if you are attending, come and say hi (Eon Lounge – EL-F17 to EL-F22)

needs more Rachel Riley


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