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Wrath of the Lich King: Retro Raid Event

January 14th, 2014  /  Category: Ghostlands, Livestream, Raiding  / 

Watch the video above….

Now tell me that isn’t still the best cinematic trailer WoW has ever had!

WotLK was where I was introduced to wow, and to raiding. With the end of expansion lull upon us and Ghostlands suffering more than ever. I thought I’d try and do a bit of community building by taking a trip back to when the server was at its peak for community and quality.

Revisiting WotLK had 2 options,

1) get people to level alts to 80 and raid the instances at the appropriate level! – the obvious downside here being the time commitment, but also the fact that mechanics/health pools in addition to nerfs have made a lot of the content trivial even at level 80.


2) set up my own WotLK server, hand out lvl 80swith skills/gear and take a run at it the way it was intended.

Option 2 was always going to win!

So that brings me to the pitch:

I’m trying to get as many people from ghostlands (current and old) involved as i can… sort of an all star raid.

Instant 80 (plus gold to buy skills/gear)

Custom vendor NPCs with all skills and ilvl 200/213 gear: no need to run around remembering where the trainers are

WotLK as was (3.3.5a) – client is freely available if you know where to look

Get a few people streaming their PoV, and a GM observer

Start with t7, and work through to 10 over a few evenings/weekends

The server is up and running, but still needs testing (server could need more oompf, encounters could be broken)

As such I’m looking for players to get involved and test things for me before we attempt something live!

For an account/connection details visit the account creation page here

Anyone needing a 3.3.5a client, can find one with this torrent (though it’s a bit hefty at 16gig).

Hopefully we’ll get enough interest to pull it off!

I’ll be setting up a dedicated section on the forums so please sign up and leave your comments/questions there!


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