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Raiding in WoD: The Aftermath of Blizzcon

November 11th, 2013  /  Category: Ghostlands, Raiding  / 

Blizzcon 2013 is over! Strewn about the floor at the Anaheim Convention Centre are passes, paper cups, furry sweets and the rotting corpses of a thousand 10man guilds!

The video above (till it gets pulled) shows the moment it happened, the instant the button was pushed and “millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced”.

For those who can’t bear to watch, here is what the new difficulty plan for raiding is (picture as per featured image, old/new raid difficulties):

LFR is LFR, but has been improved to use flex technology to scale encounters when people leave/join in order to do away with those annoying pauses when a group just doesn’t fill.

Flex is gone, albeit only in name. What we currently know as Flex difficulty will be renamed to “Normal” and will operate as it does today, but with the added ability to distribute loot via master looter.

What we currently call Normal mode will be renamed “Heroic“. This will be flexible (and cross realm) from day one.

What we currently call Heroic mode will be renamed “Mythic” and will be restricted to a single realm (or connected realm) and a single 20 player raid size.

Putting aside my own misgivings about where the player-base in general is headed. For a realm like Ghostlands, that lacks even a single 25man heroic guild, these changes have the potential to be disastrous.

SoO 25man Progress

SoO 25man Progress

Of the guilds currently atttempting heroic content, all are 10man and most (to my knowledge) are operating on a small, but dedicated roster.

In fact the first guild that i can say for sure would be in a position to even start mythic raiding without MAJOR recruitment comes in at current 6th with <Pandamonium>. Even then the step between their 2 current 10 man rosters is a large one, so the transition back to a single large raid group may not be the smoothest.

Best case scenario, we end up with a similar situation to the one we saw in WotLK, with 2 or 3 large powerhouse guilds battling for the server 1st spot.

Worst case, there is too much drama between guilds for mergers to be successful, and the realm falls into a progression void, and stagnates right up until it is swallowed by another in the inevitable server merge!

Either way there doesn’t seem to be much of a future for the competitive 10 man scene.


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