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August 30th, 2013  /  Category: Ghostlands  / 


Q: How will things like realm forums, realm first achievements, and other realm specific things work with Connected Realms?
A: Frankly, we won’t be doing a lot of that stuff going forward, so that’s how.

The shiny new Ghostlands.eu forums are finally live.

Having an unofficial realm forum has been something i’ve considered trying for a while, given the state of the official ones. But until now it had never really seemed worth it, right up until Mr. Chilton said what he said (quote above).

With 5.4 bringing connected realms, and the possibility of losing the realm forums too, there’s a good chance that the Ghostlands community (read: inbred weirdness) that makes it home to many of us may be lost.

Stroll on over and join in, chat, discuss, rant, troll (though there will be mods, and banhammers)… and hopefully we’ll keep Ghostlands going.

http://www.ghostlands.eu/forums – bring your friends!


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