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Pre Mists Power Rankings

September 18th, 2012  /  Category: Ghostlands, Raiding  / 

With Cataclysm over and done with, and MoP less than a week away, i figured it was time to get my predictions in for how the new progression race will play out on Ghostlands.

Prior to Cataclysm, i tried a similar thing, and found that standard sporting power rankings don’t quite fit with the state of the game on Ghostlands. In that pro sports have 20+ teams that are very visible and easily evaluated for performance/depth/skill, whereas in WoW, and Ghostlands in particular, there are a LOT of unknows. With this in mind, i’ve decided to simply focus on the “top few” guilds going into the new race, plus one or two “sleeper” guilds that could shock some people once things kick off.

The scene has had a major upheaval during the death throes of Cata. A few of the former forerunners have disbanded/transferred off realm, leaving fairly huge holes to fill in the ladder. However, the return of a perennnial powerhouse, along with a new promising upstart (comprised of a bunch of old names that didn’t abandon ship just yet) should go some way to filling the gaps. The only question really is “Once the dust settles, will we have a world top 500 guild on the realm?”

Anyway, enough of my warbling, on to the list:

1. – Pandamonium (formerly BRB).

Always #2 be it behind Lost back in the day, or Censored more recently, Pandamonium (BRB) are finally in a position (with Censored disbanding) which will, likely see them finish T14 on top of the ladder and as such i have to list them at number 1.

Eamari seems to have a good grasp of where the guild stands, and what they need to improve to stay active and competitive during MoP.

However if history is anything to go by, especially considering the heavy personel losses to Resolute and Lost, the usual pattern of “slow start -> pure brute force/time investment -> getting to the top once everyone else is fed up/burnt out” seems likely to repeat itself once the expansion drops.

2. Resolute

A new guild on the scene, but one that is made up of a whole host of old names. Picking from the remnants of Eternals, No Quarter, Lost and Ronab’s friendlist/PVP pals. I fully expect Resolute to be the quick starter of the expac.

Their best players (Ronab, Evect, Cerruti, etc) are better than most of what the competition has to offer, but the bottom of the barrel is far deeper than it is for Pandamonium or Lost.

I’d expect a fast start, followed by a ton of burn out/switches back to PvP, leaving them falling just short of the top spot for T14.

3. Lost

From 2007 – end of WotLK, Lost were the undisputed top dog on Ghostlands, racking up nearly every server first. Cata saw them lose a LOT of players, and eventually rebuild as a competent, albeit late starting 10 man raid. Mists sees an attempt from them to return to 25man raiding, and push for server 1sts again.

The slow finish to Cata, along with a roster that is fairly mixed in terms of skill/experience. The best i can rate them right now is 3, though that could change quickly once they get back in the swing of things, given that the core of the guild is very very experienced.

No matter what happens, as long as they keep the intro movie on the website, they’ll have the best site intro on Ghostlands.

4. Anyone’s game from here on down

This is where the line gets blurry (or at least it does for me, having been away from the realm for most of T13). But i’d expect the likes of Kingslayers (still the worst guild name on the realm), Novus, Empire Strikes First and Icecrown to be battling it out slightly behind the main race.




  1. lamby says:

    Looking fairly good for the predictions so far

    Resolute – Disbanded

    Lost – Good start, seem to be struggling to keep everyone happy atm

    Pandamonium – Looking strong going into the later stages of the tier (PTR is up…so the clock is ticking).

    Novus, TESF & Kingslayers are all doing well…. only really Icecrown that are dissapointing, but they were an outside shot anyway.

  2. lamby says:

    Tier is as good as done. Still fairly happy with my post

    Lost outdid my pretty high expectations (which i did leave a disclaimer in for).

    Pandamonium didn’t get rolling, but have retooled themselves and are “looking strong” going into 5.2, albeit they are all “slacking like motherfuckers atm”.

    Novus & Kingslayers were the shock of the tier for me… really pushing those hc kills, right till the end.

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