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How it all began…

September 20th, 2017  /  Category: Ghostlands  / 

I realise that i talk a LOT about warcraft, more than most i’d wager. I always find it a little bit odd that i developed such an obsession with the games, particularly given my initial thoughts on “paying monthly to play a game!”:

Lets go back to 2004: i was attending a medium sized LAN party that some friends of mine used to run out of one of Teesside University‘s Lecture/Conference rooms (as an aside: if anyone knows of any decent LAN parties in the Cheshire/Merseyside/Manchester area, Let me know!). The games of choice back then (for us at least) were mostly FPS’ (counter-strike in particular), with the occasional game of Neverwinter Nights thrown in for good measure.

This particular LAN however, Jamie (@devious2k on twitter) turned up with a Collectors Edition box of “World of Warcraft”. The box itself was pretty impressive, inlcuding a bunch of CDs including the game, a soundtrack and a making of DVD, it had a manual thick enough to choke a donkey, and a CLOTH MAP (ooooooooooooh)

Needless to say, it got my attention! i LOVED Neverwinter Nights, and this was, as i understood it then, in a similar vein but with hundreds or thousands of players rather than our usual 6 man groups. However, after a solid 30 minutes discussing the game/world and how it played, Jamie dropped the bombshell “£8.99/month subscription though”.

i was appalled… “wait! you have to PAY to play?”. That was it, my interest was lost, i’d stick to NWN and wait for the game to be forgotten about in a few months.

Maybe a year later (i’m too lazy to google), Guild Wars arrives on the scene and Jamie (my digital crack dealer) starts to tell me about how it’s going to be World of Warcraft, but with better PvP (i don’t know what that means) and for a one time buy in, just like normal games! So i hop on to play.com (oh the good old days where they had a monopoly on my paychecks!) and get myself a copy.

it looks pretty unassuming, but this was the digital gateway drug that started it all for me!

From here on i happily added guildwars to my weekly games list, and started to cut my teeth on MMO gameplay. I learned all about GCDs and tab targeting and crafting. But mostly it all felt a bit ‘lacking’ in the “massively” part of Massively Multiplayer Online game.

I can’t remember why, or what triggered my first dive into Azeroth, but at some point i got bored of struggling to find groups, or just afking in towns and decided to go and see what a REAL MMO felt like. I bought a copy of WoW, claimed my starter time (begrudgingly adding credit card info for a subscription) and started the install process…

Next time: My vanilla wow experience (again, it’s not a great start, but somehow i’m still here)


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