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Albion Online: Trying something new

July 28th, 2017  /  Category: Blog, Ghostlands, Hunter, Levelling, Random  / 

At least once a year, i’ll find a game that drags my focus away from Warcraft. Usually it’s an MMO , Sometimes its another Blizzard game (HotS most recently!).

As the tweets above suggest, it rarely ends well… and i always come back!

It’s about that time again! Although technically i’ve been playing for a year, mostly i’ve just been gathering on mobile (yes! full cross platform support).

So without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Children of all ages….. i present to you, the latest FAD…


NB. i’ve used the Hector update trailer here, as the intro video doesn’t show any gameplay, or even give you a feel for the game… not sure why they used it as the launch video.

The game doesn’t have traditional classes, it’s “you are what you wear” philosophy assigns abilities to gear, so you can craft your build as you like… however, in order to be particularly useful in any given gear, you’ve got to wear it and gain “fame” (Albion’s Exp) to allow you to equip better tiers of it and thus more powerful spells.

Predictably, i’ve opted for the bow based gameplay, and am currently running with Hunter armor and a War bow… typical Maktub ranged damage and kiting!

If anyone is interested, and fancies dropping $30 to try it out (there’s no free trial yet) – hop on the ghostlands.eu discord and come join my fledgling guild <BRB> (shush Rel! i’m a nostalgic person). We even have an island (wow hasn’t even got housing), it only has one building, with nothing in… but its still an island!


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