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#tbt: Doorway Strat

February 25th, 2016  /  Category: #tbt, Raiding, Video  / 

Between November ’08 (WotLK) and September ’12 (End of Cataclysm) i was a raider… Starting as a beginner in Naxxramas, and honing my craft throughout the years, till Deathwing HC.

I’ve studied bosses, watched countless videos of strats, tweaked and twisted ideas to optimise things for the particular raid set up at the time.

As you can imagine, through 4 years, i’ve seen some “interesting” ideas…

* Trying to dodge all the Twilight Blasts on Theraliona (i refused to move, and took less damage than anyone else… we gave up and went back to just spacing correctly)

* Healing T11 with 3 Paladins, resulting in some very clustered strats (Hi Chimeron… this actually DID work)

* Managing to position all our “bads” right under the balcony that putricide throws goo from (didn’t work)

* Trying to burst down the wind council in 2 dps phases, and just heal through a near impossible stacking debuff (didn’t work)

The list goes on and on…

But the strat that stands out as the all time most “WTF” is the doorway strat from ToGC’s Twin Valkyr.

As you can see from the video (thanks HotsandDots) the strat basically involves everyone getting the dark essence buff, and going ham on the light Valkyr, while the 3 (if you have that many) competent players in the raid collect the light buff and soak all the orbs… just saving the raid from grisly death.

After than it’s just POP everything and hope you get the right shield, or wipe and repeat until RNG goes  your way.

Yes it was a well used strat, but it always struck me as odd that it was so widely adopted in a game where the goal is to develop a strat that limits the effects of any RNG elements in an encounter…. but, maybe i just like consistency too much.

As for my guilds use of it at the time… you wouldn’t believe just how many Anub attempts (it was limited back then) we wasted on this bullshit, or how many Tribute runs were ruined by the simple fact that we only had a handfull of players who could actually soak smartly, so had to rely on utter RNG to get through an encounter.

(note: we never did get Tribute while it was current)

For a much more informative post on the strat please go read HotsandDots… its an old post, but covers the fight perfectly…

Thanks for sharing this weeks rage enducing nostalgia trip with me!


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