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#tbt: We Left Skjald on Ghostlands…

November 12th, 2015  /  Category: #tbt, Ghostlands, Raiding  / 

Good Morning Dear Reader (all 3 of you)!

As you can probably guess from the name/URL of the site, I spend a lot of my time playing on the Ghostlands (EU) server, it’s one of the many Medium (read: low) pop servers that is struggling along with too few players for any legit progression (this remains fairly true, dispite a recent-ish merge with Dragonblight), especially if you aren’t one of the long established top guilds.

This realm (and it’s situation) are the setting for the drama i shall regail you with in the following paragraphs.

So without further ado, i present:

We Left Skjald on Ghostlands.

Our story starts midway though Tier 13 (Dragon Soul), with a group of RL friends that had  been gaming together for a long time. Sick of bouncing around the top few guilds on our server and constantly failing to find the right mix of progress and humour (we tend to chat a lot of shit during raids), we set up on our own <rollfaceonkeyboardandwin> and took a stab at Dragon Soul (starting some 2 months after the tier opened).

Recruitment wasn’t kind to us. But despite only having 8 players and having to resort to trade, We rampaged through normal mode, clearing the instance in our first week raiding and promptly started on heroics. With the top guild on the server <Censored> having already cleared everything and reduced their schedule to farm, we managed to convince two of their raiders to come and fill in with us on their off days. However this only solved the numbers issue, and still meant we had to force one of our Holy Paladins (Cozon) to respec and tank for a while.

Things were going well (aren’t they always), until we lost a healer to real life. Cozon was more than happy to fill the spot by going back to his preferred Holy spec…. but this meant we still needed to find a tank.

After a couple of weeks attempting to PUG with truly horrendous results, we finally got a tank application from Skjald! Skjald was a Worgen Feral Druid, that a few of us had played with in other guilds.  He had pretty decent progress (he’d seen 3 or 4 of the DS fights in hc) but all of it as a kitty rather than bear.

Given that druid tanking was lolmode in DS (mangle to fuck, swipe, laugh at the bosses puny attempts to damage you) and he had been raiding hardmodes for years, we accepted the app and put him to work as our new meatshield! Allowing Cozon to go back to his prefered role as Holy!

 Thing were looking positive… or so we thought.
Raid 1: The dynamic of our group is such that we‘ve never really needed a raid leader, we all know what is expected of us and worked well together whilst chatting/joking/talking shit. Skjald however took it upon himself during the opening trash to tell the raid we “need to have less talk during combat, save the bullshit for the breaks” and the attempted to fill the role of raid leader, directing everyone as he saw fit.

We got mid way through Morchok before Cozon lost his shit, and had some choice words to say. The gist being “shut up, please, we know what we are doing”.


no drama here… just some sick hunter DPS!

Cozon is an angry young man (when it comes to wow) at this point, its been less than an hour and he already hates Skjald…. he can’t wait to gkick him!

In an ideal world, we‘d have kicked him there and then (the flow of our group was almost as important to us as progress, and we didn’t really want anyone messing with that) but we‘d waited so long for a tank we couldn’t really afford to put progress on hold for another 2 months while hoping for an app. So we pushed on… over the next few weeks we managed to work our way through the instance but it was painful. Tank CDs were late or non-existent, positioning was bad, basically the guy wasn’t up to scratch.

boss 2... and already looking for favours

boss 2… and already looking for favours

During this, we made no secret of the fact that we were still looking for another tank. We talked about it openly in vent, both during raids, and in down time and on our forums. I’m not sure if it was ego, or just cluelessness but Skjald never even considered that we were recruiting for a replacement.

Eventually we got to spine (n.b. FUCK SPINE!) and the wheels well and truly fell off the wagon. We had him tanking the large add, positioning was so bad that he’d often drag it to the wrong side at the last second, ruining attempts (you’d almost think he was trolling on purpose, i think we even accused him of it once or twice). We had him kiting the blobs… he couldn’t!

There was rage, lots of rage. Nothing was ever his fault (even though it was).

With zero interest on the recruitment front, we opted to move the guild to Tarren Mill. A much larger server, one which a lot of our collective friends lists already played (it’s almost the unofficial Ghostlands ex-pat paradise).

We talked about the move openly on vent, debating new names for the guild (i was apparently the only one that liked the original guild name).

During a break in one particular failfest, Skjald started suggesting names, the penny dropped, he didn’t know at all that we wanted him out!

I mentioned this in /w to Shamjam (our newly rerolled/powerlevelled goblin ele shaman who was waiting for us to xfer to start raiding… freshly kicked from then world top 20 <Numen> for battlerezing a dps instead of a tank, because he clicked the corpse not frames, and got the wrong one……. i’ll leave that to you to comment on, because….what!)

Then the suggestion comes out on vent from Shamjam… “how about we call it <We Left Skjald on Ghostlands>”


*silence* (i’m cracking up with laughter… thank god for push to talk)

/o is full of comments like “i cant breathe, so much lolz”

Skjald: “errr… that’s only funny if i can definitely get my name on TM”

by the time composure is regained, we are behind schedule and have to get on with pulls. Nothing is said about replacing him (if we told him, he’d rage, and the night would be a write off).

Over the next week or so, we get our new name <Warped> reserved, get the website up, recruitment is done and we have a new tank ready to go. This is still not a secret, our new tank has even sat/chatted openly in vent during a couple of runs to get a feel for the group!

The time to move the guild arrives (good old payday). I log in, get my affairs in order and tell people i’m moving the guild. Everyone follows suit (gold is moved, gems/enchants etc, the usual attempts to make the most of the economy differences).


Sadly for Cozon, he’s out for a family meal. No one else wants to be THAT GUY, and tell Skjald he’s not going to be our tank.

Even worse, Skjald starts talking about how he’s really looking forward to a new start…yadda yadda.

Eventually Shamjam announces on vent “you are all a bunch of pussies (meaning us), look Skjald, don’t waste your money! We have a replacement ready to go, you won’t get much, or any raid time if you move”.

Skjald goes balistic. he doesn’t really know Shamjam. Shamjam hasn’t spent a single minute raiding with us. WHO THE FUCK IS SHAMJAM TO TELL HIM THAT!

Skjald refuses to leave vent until someone explains this all too him!

We let him stay online for an hour in a silent stand off before we just booted/banned him from the vent server.

Turns out, the bear we recruited on TM was even worse (yep… Karma is a bitch!)… but within a week we‘d found a DK who was up to scratch, and finally managed to clear 8/8hc (last day of the 15% buff).

better late than never

better late than never

I did learn one thing from the whole ordeal…. when it comes to wow.. i can be a dick!


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  1. cozon says:

    I would like to comment that i was roughly 16/17 when this happened and am no longer a raging teenager BUT FUCK MY LIFE THAT GUY WAS SO BAD

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