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#TBT :: <Lost> vs Al’Akir – Hunter PoV

July 30th, 2015  /  Category: Ghostlands  / 

Today’s #TBT is from the Cataclysm expansion. <Lost> vs Al’Akir

Despite the lack of fancy disengages (i used to have so much fun with this fight on Maktub).. it’s still a decent watch and shows one of Ghostlands’ best guilds doing solid work.

For those that don’t know – the below image is from wowhead’s Al’Akir page(click link to left for the full page).


The fight itself was a 3 phase encounter:

P1 – involved spreading the raid out to minimise damage taken from an AoE chain lightning attack.
P2 – involved managing/growing a debuff on the boss that increased damage taken, in order to burn through the phase before constant damage caused the healers to oom.
P3 – saw the raid take flight amongst the winds, and try not to drop a mass storm AoE in amongst the group.

Enjoy the video!


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