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IRL: Duck Racing… WTF!

May 18th, 2015  /  Category: IRL  / 

Growing up as a wow player, raider and general pixel addict; I was lead to believe a number of things but mostly that my chosen hobby was strange and didn’t really fit in with the ideals of society.

These days I’m getting older and finding less and less time to log in and slay pixel dragons, instead being forced to spend my time “irl”. Despite the world telling me I should be finding conformity and normalness on my forays into society… I’m actually finding the exact opposite.

This weekend served as a good example:

Whilst out walking in a national trust site, we happened upon this sign  

Now I’ve heard of dog racing, horse racing… Even the goblins in desolace had a race track… But duck racing… Nah uh!

Surely enough we found a hut where you could back a duck for the reasonable sum of 50p.

Armed with our humourously named ducks we proceeded to watch the race

After a disastrous start… Both our ducks came flying through the field… Fishing just shy of the prizes in 4th and 6th!

TLDR: duck racing is a thing, the real world is weird


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