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GhostLANds: We’re going to need a bigger boat (well… Car)…

August 13th, 2014  /  Category: Random  / 

Last time I went to an iseries event. I drove down on my own, and barely managed to fit everything in my car…


Fast forward a few years and I’m in pretty much the same position, except for a few small details.

1) I’ve got a night away with my better half on the Wednesday night, so will have to fit a day case for her

2) my PC case is far bigger that at i43

3) I’m taking a 6 man tent (as opposed to the 2 man tent I took to i43)

Panic!!!!! Will be collecting my camping equipment this evening… So will update/live blog the practice pack (which very likely will not get undone once things are squared away!)


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